Going beyond pharmacy

Radius Living Rx provides innovative pharmacy offerings so you live well … longer.

Radius Living Rx embraces an age-positive philosophy that is visionary, ambitious, and connected to emerging science and leading trends.

We are geriatric clinicians, visionary thinkers, and passionate advocates, who are redefining the value of a pharmacy partnership with exceptional long-term care facilities. We focus on residents by providing customized, direct and efficient prescription delivery. Our pharmacists regularly review medications for interactions. We also offer pharmacogenomic test to identify how individual DNA may affect which medications work best.

Radius Living Rx is your “trusted advisor,” partnering with you to care for your residents. We are your clinical advocate, your regulatory advisor, and your strategic partner. We start by listening to you so we can provide what’s important to you.

Radius Rx

Pharmacy Team

Brian Wenger, JD

Brian Wenger, JD

Founder & CEO

Brian founded Radius Living with the conviction that seniors and their families deserve premiere health, home and financial  services to meet their ever-increasing needs. Brian served at the executive level of a Fortune 5 national health care system before founding Radius Living. He has a passion for innovation in health care and serving seniors and their families.

Ross Rortvedt

Ross Rortvedt, PharmD

President, Radius Living Rx

Ross has years of management experience in retail pharmacy, long-term care, and pharmacy operations within large health care systems. He has directed strategy and growth development for both private and public sector models, and managed initiatives to drive quality and outcome measures. He is experienced in business acquisition and launching new pharmacies as well as building effective teams.

Sarah Ball, PharmD BSN

Pharmacy Manager, Radius Living Rx

Sarah is the lead pharmacist for Radius Rx, managing the pharmacy team and delivery functions. In addition to her pharmacy experience, Sarah previously provided bedside care as a critical care nurse in several prominent teaching hospitals. Sarah truly believes that Radius Living Rx is the future of long-term care pharmacy, providing elevated service to both patients and providers.

Jay Ackerman

Pharmacy Workflow Manager, Radius Living Rx

Jay has over 15 years of experience working in the long-term care industry. He has managed triage, data entry, packaging, cycle fill, IV’s, and medication delivery. He has deep knowledge in on-site dispensing automation and first-dose cabinets. Jay is driven to provide the best service in the industry.

Wayne Olson

Wayne Olson

Senior Strategic Advisor, Radius Living Rx

Wayne has spent his entire career in senior services at all levels within organizations, culminating in a role as an Executive Vice President of Operations for a national non-profit organization. He has been engaged with a variety of other entities to drive innovation and improve care, including Leading Age of Minnesota, the National PACE association board of directors, and numerous for profit and non-profit organizations.

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