Radius Living Pharmacy Overview

Pharmacy: An integrated vision of health

Pharmacy needs can play a large role in the second stage of life for many individuals. Aging often brings with it the need for increased healthcare services, including prescription medications. Radius Living Rx is an innovative long-term care pharmacy equipped to provide personalized pharmacy support to those who need it. Through partnerships with long-term care facilities, we are uniquely positioned to take care of residents’ individual needs and help them live well.

The right medicine at the right time

Our pharmacists are focused on delivering residents the right drugs at the right time. We don’t stop at filling the prescription, we take it all the way to the bedside and beyond through a combination of enhanced pharmacy and clinical services. Our innovative process brings insights to resident’s data in order to help seniors have better drug efficacy.

A holistic approach

Taking an in-depth look at each resident and providing medicine that best meets each specific need can result in:

  • saving money by honing in on the most effective treatments faster
  • less adverse reactions
  • lower risk of hospitalizations due to more immediate effective treatments

This not only has a direct impact on a resident’s health and wellbeing, it also helps improve facility operations. By understanding each resident holistically, we can better understand their individual needs.

Partnering in residential care

We are geriatric clinicians, visionary thinkers, and passionate advocates who are redefining the value of a pharmacy partnership with exceptional long-term care facilities. Taking care of residents today is important, but helping them live well, well into the future, is paramount.

We serve as a trusted advisor and partner with facilities to provide the utmost care for residents, with 24/7 pharmacy support 365 days per year.

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